Rent a (flexible) workplace

Are you self-employed/freelancer and no longer want to work from home? Then rent your workplace now in the Urban Nomads Club in the Esports Campus. In our coworking space you can find a permanent workplace or a flexible workplace. Various flexible subscriptions are available, from 1 day a week to your own Dedicated Desk. In addition to your workplace, you will also become a member of our entrepreneurial community. The community helps grow your business and provides a strong network in the region.

Want to rent a flex desk or dedicated desk?

On the second floor you can sit at our professional flex desks with all the facilities you need for a great working day. Please contact us quickly for all options, we will be happy to help you find your new workplace.
Active community programming is also offered within our subscription. You can also use the available meeting rooms and other facilities on campus at special rates.
Interested? Look at:

Program & Equipment


  • Get to work productively in an inspiring environment
  • In the middle of the Esports Campus
  • A community with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • Flex at a different desk every day or bring your own desk
  • Relax between work with a game of FIFA or ping pong
  • Work among our many plants that provide more oxygen and better concentration




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