Rabo esports stadium

The Rabo Esports Stadium at the H20 Esports Campus is an event hall with an area of ​​870m2.

Including a mainstage of 22m wide, 7m deep and 6.5m high with LED panels of 50m2 that can be custom designed.

The stage can be prolonged if necessary. 


Professional Bose stadium sound system – Roommatch stereo – DeltaQ array tecnology

  • RoomMatch array loudspeakers (4 modules left, 4 modules right)
  • Bose ShowMatch sms118 subwoofer (4 modules)
  • Bose PowerMatch PM8500N (5x), network amplifiers 8x500w
  • Bose Powermatch Amplink card
  • Bose ControlSpace ESP-1240A processor

The RoomMatch is equipped with DeltaQ technology.

  • DeltaQ Array technology makes it possible the sound of each array module more or less to the audience or surfaces (walls, floor).
  • To be able to aim, for example, to avoid reflections from the walls and / or the same noise level to be provided throughout the space.
  • This results in improved sound quality and speech intelligibility. The Bose ControlSpace processor is used for additional audio settings such as equalization and delays to get the best sound experience.

Shure professional microphones:

  • Shure beltpacks:
    QLXD14E/153B-K51 – 10x
  • Shure microphones:
    QLXD24E/SM58-K51 – 8x
  • Shure streaming mics (USB):
    MV7 streaming – 7x


Professional Moving heads in the stadium which are placeable in any spot of the stadium. All RGB lights available.

  • 4 moving heads – 15 different forms
  • Rigging options upon request for all wishes
  • 6 base RGB lights for overall light coverage whole venue
  • All manageable by 1 technician 

Standard stage light:

  • BT-THEATRE 250EZ 6x

Led screens

The LED pillars can be moderated to your wishes. They are RGB colored.

  • Pixel pitch:  P2,5
  • Mainscreen size: 4.800 x 3.520 mm
  • 10 LED-banners (pillars) 960 x 3.520 mm
  • Pixel density: 160.000mm
  • Refresh rate is more than 3840 hz
  • Total 50,60m2 LED panels


  • 180 led controllers
  • 1020 Led panels
  • 120 Power supplies

Extra items

  • Smoke machine 1 = martin Magnum Hazer
  • Smoke machine 2 = martin Magnum 2500Hz
  • Smoke machine 3 = antari wifi 800
  • Mixing set for DJ – Pioneer DDJRZX 

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