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In addition to the standard events offered at H20, it is also possible to organize your own event at H20! Our multifunctional campus offers all possibilities, nothing is too crazy!

What do we have to offer?

The location offers a number of advantages;

  • Professional stage with LED screens and light shows;
  • 2.4 LED screen of 40m2 over the full 24m2 width;
  • The stadium contains ‘state of the art’ broadcasting equipment;
  • Basic permit for 1,124 visitors, extension to 2,000 visitors possible;
  • An Esports Lounge café for your lunch, drinks or dinner. In addition, the space can be used as a reception for VIP guests;
  • Expansion of the event possible with game activities, virtual and augmented reality and Esports;
  • Parking is available (free) in Purmerend near H20. There is also a train station 600 meters from our location. Depending on the number of guests, there is a possibility of parking attendants.


Curious about the specifications of our high-end campus? Please feel free to contact us and discuss the possibilities!


Program & Equipment


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