Omen Gaming Club

Come play games, make friends and improve your skills!

The OMEN Gaming Club is our regular gaming club where people of all ages can play games on the latest high-end gaming gear, provided by OMEN. From the fastest computers to the best headsets.

A place for avid gamers to come together, train and, above all, have fun. The games you can play here include League of Legends, Rocket League, and Roblox.

In addition to PCs, you will find several PlayStation 4s in the Gaming Club and you can race on the Zandvoort Circuit in our sim racing seats!

In addition to gaming in the Gaming Club, you can also choose to book a workshop or coaching session. In these sessions we will delve into the details and key skills you need to make it further in the esports world.

And who knows, all those hours in the OMEN Gaming Club will give you the opportunity to show your skills on stage at the Rabo Esports Stadium!

Program & Equipment


  • The best hardware from Omen
  • More than 20 gaming spots for you and your friends
  • Events, activities and tournaments in the most beautiful gaming club


  • 1 GB Up & Down with a special fiber optic connection, the ping is only 6 ms!
  • Use the best high-end equipment so that you can play all games at ultra-quality
  • For food or drinks you can visit the Community Area
  • All games are always up to date and can be accessed with your own personal account

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